Paleo? Vegan? Fasting? Juicing? Overwhelmed with information about what to eat with no results?

Come in for a consultation where we split fact from fiction and find you the best nutrition plan that suits your body and lifestyle.


For just $40 our consultations includes baseline measurements, an analysis of your current diet, goal setting and most importantly; we show you how to incorporate all this into a sustainable lifestyle.


So you know what types of food you should be eating, but you don't know how to create meals, or even a shopping list to take to the supermarket?


Our meal plan subscriptions are simple and easy to follow. We sit down with you and find out your likes and dislikes then create a diverse and tasty menu for you.

The best thing? You have a shopping list to take with you to the supermarket.

Meal plan subscriptions start at $70 and are tailored to you and are available in various lengths, each subscription includes regular check ins!