We get you back on track with a thorough assessment and treatment plan. Treatment plans include a combination of manual therapies and exercise prescriptions.

All new injuries require an initial treatment to allow time to fully examine the joint(s) in question.


Been discharged from the Physio, Chiro, Doctor or hospital? Still don't feel 100%? 

Get your Momentum back and through our clinical exercise class you'll enjoy our one-on-one undivided attention to get that last 10, 15 or even 20%!



The use of fine needles and/or cups promote and increase the flow of Qi. This can be used for general wellbeing, relaxation or to treat a multitude of ailments including frozen shoulder, stress, tennis elbow or muscular tension to name a few.

Note: we only use acupuncture for the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries. For other ailments please get in touch as we know some great acupuncturists!


Promotes performance.

Promotes good posture.

Promotes recovery.

Reduces pain.

Whatever your reasons behind taping, Momentum will conduct a short examination so that the taping that's applied is done correctly and benefits you! The full length of the session will take roughly 20 minutes.